I love my cats! My tomcat, "Orion" that I rescued, has a brother who is wandering my neighborhood. He has the same specific markings as my Orion. I feed him on my front porch whenever he wanders by. He's rather skinny, so if he's someone's housecat, they are neglecting him. He's a little skittish but allows me to pet him.

Today. I heard a commotion on the porch: a loud cat cry, thudding noises, and metal clattering against something hard. MY indoor cats scrambled up the stairs as fast as their little paws could carry them. I ran to the front do0r and there was a large mailman, trying to look innocent. Seems he had climbed the stairs and was putting my mail in the box and scared the cat. He told me the cat bellowed, tried to run up my latticework several times, knocked over my aluminum chair, knocked his food dish to the side, dumping its contents. ran into my "Mosquito" sculpture and knocked it onto the cement sidewalk before bolting for parts unknown.

All this occurred 2 hours ago and the poor kitty has not returned to finish his rudely interrupted meal.

Enough drama for me today! Think I'll take a nap.


Many of David’s faithful followers have asked me about coordinating another mass-mailing of birthday cards, fan letters, and postcards for our celebrated actor like the one I arranged 2 years ago. duckys_lady and I arranged to have a special address set up at the NCIS studio where we sent the mail. But the address no longer exists and, with the studio shut down for the unforeseeable future, where will we send our cards now?

I have a plan.

During the filming of “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” in the ‘60s, 40,000 letters a month came flooding into MGM Studios addressed to Robert and David; more mail than any other time in Hollywood history. Can we break this record? Presenting David with a bountiful amount of mail for his 87th birthday could have an amazing and perhaps flabbergasting effect on him. Let’s give it a try and show David that he still has a wealth of devotees who have great affection for him!

If you are interested in participating, please send your mail no later than September 1, 2020, to
David McCallum c/o
L. Schubert
PO Box 1035
Lorain, OH 44055

Once I have collected (and counted) all your pieces of mail, I will forward it all together to David’s Manhattan apartment in time for his birthday. If you wish to send several pieces of mail, place them in a larger envelope to save postage and write a note on the back so I know to open your package and remove each item.

I suggest you start picking out your card soon. Those of you who are artistically inclined may want to design a birthday greeting that reflects your own personal touch.