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What the heck?

I've been on a cleaning/straightening and pitching rampage these past few weeks. If I haven't used it, worn it or read it in the past 10 years, out it goes. Three trips to the Good Will store have me cutting down on all my "stuff."

The best part of all of this "Spring fever" purging is how I feel about myself and my home. It's a real moral booster and I've found several lost items. My Man From UNCLE paperback collection for one. YAY! A few odd things have turned up also, the strangest being my bronzed baby shoes. WTF? What was it with the past generation and bronzing baby shoes? Did my parents hope that one day I'd find the cure for cancer or be the first woman to go to the moon and some museum would want by baby shoes? What was the point of bronzing or even keeping them? And what the heck do I do with them? What purpose do they serve?

So tell me, dear cousins, do you have a set of your baby shoes and are they bronzed? Did you have your children's first pair of shoes bronzed? And most importantly, why and what have you done with them?

Sending a Get Well Card to Jkkitty!


Fill in the last one yourself but I hope it includes writing more MFU fics cause I love 'em. ;D

For Sparky on Her Birthday!

Happy Birthdaycookies

        Hope It's a Good One